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Smart Manufacturing Experience Podcast Series

Welcome to the Smart Manufacturing Experience Podcast Series sponsored by SME MEDIA.

Each podcast is designed to provide insight from industry leaders and advance your knowledge of smart manufacturing. Led by an SME Media editor, these sessions offer expert information, best practices and the latest updates from smart manufacturing thought leaders. Listen in to get a taste of what you’ll learn by attending the Smart Manufacturing Experience.

smyth-susan-262x272.jpgDemystifying the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Steve Jones Ph.D, Technical Material and Process Consultant, Steelcase

IIoT expert Steve Jones describes in detail the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as A.I. & Machine Learning and other promising smart technologies for manufacturing’s future. Like with many things in life, it is important to set goals first, the Steelcase executive says. Not sure where to begin with IIoT? Never fear: Jones has the answer.


Eric JohnsonAdopting AM to Drive Organizational Value

Eric M. Johnson, PhD.
Senior Staff Engineer, Advanced Technology and Engineering, Deere & Company

John Deere’s Eric Johnson discusses the company’s additive manufacturing journey—with an eye toward helping small and medium businesses get going in AM. Learn about the early days of getting one of the first AM parts, as well as unrealistic expectations of the technology and how John Deere is creating value with the technology today. Finally, Johnson provides tips on unlocking the value of AM for your business in five key applications. 


Eric KamHelp Wanted: ‘Bits n Bytes’ People to Complement ‘Nuts n Bolts’ Folks

Joseph J. LaRussa, PE
Director, Seat Industrial Engineering, Brose North America, Inc.

Joe LaRussa, Director – Seat Industrial Engineering at Brose North America, takes on one of the most challenging topics in manufacturing today: Nurturing, recruiting and retaining talent that will help advance the industry’s digital transformation.


Eric KamMTConnect Exec: Standards Help See Into Future, Integrate Diverse Equipment

Russ Waddell, Managing Director, MTConnect Institute

Russell Waddell, managing director at the MTConnect Institute, dives into why so many standards exist, what manufacturers can gain from a digital factory project, and how they can cut through the hype—to at least achieve shop floor monitoring. Learn how embracing standards allows for quick and easy integration of all types and brands of equipment.


Craig ZoberisFusion OEM Embraces Cobots, Invests In Future Expert Machinists

Craig Zoberis, Founder and President, Fusion OEM

Craig Zoberis and Davin Erickson detail how Fusion OEM discovered and implemented collaborative robots, or cobots. The company is now investing in future expert machinists by using cobots—and making headway in closing the manufacturing industry skills gap. They explain the phases of training for cobots, as well as how cobots “talk” with other machines—and how machines perform “handshakes” (and are therefore envied by humans who today are struggling with social distancing).


Diego TamburiniMicrosoft Exec On Ways To Do Well Despite COVID-19 Crisis

Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead – Manufacturing, Microsoft

Diego Tamburini, principal industry lead for manufacturing in the cloud + AI division of Microsoft, reviews the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in manufacturing. He shares his thoughts about how the industry should respond—and lists the attributes of manufacturers best positioned to survive the crisis. Finally, he outlines new opportunities for developers of smart manufacturing software solutions under the “new normal.”


Eric KamExtended Reality: VR, AR, MR, XR? Which Is The Solution For Me?

Eric Kam, Product Marketing and Community Manager, ESI Group

Eric Kam, Product Marketing and Community Manager for ESI Group will discuss the various flavors of digital reality available today. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality are all discussed. But aside from games, dealership showrooms, and operator training which seem to be the bulk of applications discussed by the world as a whole, which technology is right for you? This podcast will help to define each of these technologies, compare and contrast, and learn which aspects of your organization’s goals can be addressed by the technology.


William CraneGetting Supply Chain Risk Under Control

William Crane, CEO, IndustryStar

William Crane, CEO of IndustryStar, an on-demand supply chain services and software technology company, dives into what manufacturers concerned about supply chain risk can do to worry less. In his estimation, “on-demand supply chain risk management resources have really been taking off.” It is possible, he said, to build a “supply chain competitive advantage.” Heard of agile supply chain? If not, he explains it.


marty-edwards.jpgWrangling Security Issues Associated with IT/OT Convergence

Marty Edwards, Vice President Operational Security, Tenable

Mr. Edwards discusses how chief information security officers (CISOs) are integrating and converging across all aspects of security, including people, process and technology. The goal: get an enterprise-wide assessment of cyber exposure and overall risk.


smyth-susan-262x272.jpgInsight Right Under our Noses

Paul Boris, Chief Revenue Officer, Praemo

A new layer of insight can be harvested inside factories with the data you already have. Companies often hold back from leveraging sensors, AI and data analytics because of cultural gaps between IT and OT. Paul Boris, EVP at Praemo fights against objections and the desire to continue down the same paths that limit performance. In this podcast he speaks frankly about these issues.