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Education Program Overview

Advance your manufacturing with insights from visionary keynotes and technical presentations focused on eight disruptive smart manufacturing technologies. SMX is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and meet with engineers, product designers and managers. Learn smart, practical solutions to take with you and implement in your operations.


Eight Key Technologies



Additive Manufacturing (AM) & 3D Printing

Manufacturers use this disruptive technology to design and produce finished parts.

artificial intel.png

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Engineers use computer systems to reason over collected data and make inferences about the future.


Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Superimposing a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world for the purpose of maintenance, product design, training and simulation.


Automation & Robotics 

This technology enables accuracy and increased productivity in various manufacturing areas.



This is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs from digital attacks to maintain data integrity and privacy.


Data Analytics

Manufacturers analyze raw data captured from their manufacturing equipment to draw conclusions and make more-informed business decisions.


Industrial IoT

Manufacturing facilities use the internet, with a focus on machine-to-machine communication, big data and machine learning to increase efficiency and reliability in their operations.


Workforce Transformation

Driving the cultural and technological changes that are necessary for manufacturing companies to take advantage of smart manufacturing initiatives.


Technical Presentations


Industry-Leading Speakers


Key Smart Technologies


Interactive Virtual Exhibits

SMX education is guided by a committee with real-world expertise.

The Smart Manufacturing Experience Conference Committee is comprised of smart manufacturing professionals who know what it takes to accelerate adoption of new technologies, implement the solutions and achieve the desired outcomes. These advisors guide the conference development and assist with selecting speakers and presentations that will deliver the greatest impact to you and your colleagues.


Doug Genord

Doug Genord, FSME
Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company
SME Member Since 1993

Andy Henderson, PhD

Andy Henderson, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
SME Member Since 1995

Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly
Director Solution Architecture


Steffan Nunn

Steffan Nunn
Digital Factory Specialist

Radu Pavel, PhD

Radu Pavel, PhD
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
SME Member Since 2000

Dean Phillips LSME, CC

Dean Phillips, LSME
Production Enhancement Engineer
Link Systems
SME Member Since 2005


Diego Tamburini

Diego Tamburini, PhD
Principal Industry Lead - Manufacturing

Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson
President and Managing Partner
Equus Partners