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Get up-to-speed on advanced technologies, product launches, and industry innovations surrounding Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, AI, cybersecurity, data collection and analytics, additive manufacturing and more. Smart Manufacturing Experience helps you hit the ground running in the acceleration and adoption of these advanced technologies so your business has the power to adapt and grow.

Latest News

FANUC America and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Agree to Co-market the Stackability of Their Certifications to Meet the Shortage of Skilled Industrial Robotics and Automation Operators

FANUC America, the leading supplier of Computer-Numerical Controls (CNCs), industrial robots and ROBOMACHINES, and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the long-established U.S. leader in certifying front-line production technicians with industry-wide foundational skills in advanced manufacturing and logistics, have announced their decision to co-market the stackability of their respective industry-recognized certifications to meet the acute shortage of skilled industrial robotics and automation operators.

Components of Digital Manufacturing and How it has Changed the Industry

Components of Digital Manufacturing are the applications and uses of computer systems to different aspects of advanced manufacturing such as supply chains, products, and processes. The technology of digital manufacturing links processes and systems across each area of production to create an integrated approach to manufacturing.