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To make it easy for you to find and read the latest breaking news about Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, AI, cybersecurity, data collection and analytics, additive manufacturing and more, we have compiled some of the most interesting articles, stories and press releases in one place. As a leading non-profit in the manufacturing industry, we are committed to promoting the latest technologies and helping you learn and implement these advanced technologies that can help your business adapt and grow.

Take a minute to peruse this page and get up-to-speed on disruptive technologies, product launches, and industry innovations. Keep checking this site for Smart Manufacturing Experience news and industry updates.

Latest News

Microsoft researchers train AI in simulation to control a real-world drone

In a preprint paper, Microsoft researchers describe a machine learning system that reasons out the correct actions to take directly from camera images. It’s trained via simulation and learns to independently navigate environments and conditions in the real world, including unseen situations, which makes it a fit for robots deployed in search and rescue missions. Someday, it could help those robots more quickly identify people in need of help.