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Why Smart Manufacturing, Why Now?

"Smarter manufacturing is the path to people, processes, and technology working in harmony with zero waste. There has never been a better time to push your teams to deploy new tools, expand their capabilities, and prepare for the next generation of manufacturing effectiveness." - Paul Boris, CRO, Praemo

Start Embracing Smart Manufacturing NOW!

Get up-to-speed on disruptive technologies, product launches, and industry innovations surrounding Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, AI, cybersecurity, data collection and analytics, additive manufacturing and more. SMX is committed to promoting the latest smart technologies - helping you hit the ground running in the acceleration and adoption of these advanced technologies so your business has the power to adapt and grow.

Latest News

The Best of SMX: Manufacturing Training Consistent Theme

Now more than ever, smart technologies are driving change in the supply chain, product design and productivity. And an important question remains: how will this impact our workforce? Or better yet, how can the industry innovate to ensure manufacturing is connected in a way to empower our workforce?

Is COVID-19 Ushering in the Next Generation of Smart Factories?

A factory with a skilled workforce, perhaps working side-by-side with collaborative robots, making the most of AI/ML, computer vision and an entire array of data-fueled equipment - a true transformation goes well beyond embracing new technology. To survive in the digital economy, manufacturers need to ensure their investments enable outputs to align with evolving customer expectations.