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Matthew Krugh, PhD

Matthew Krugh, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Clemson University Automotive Engineering Department, where he teaches the class Digital Manufacturing and Lab Manager with the Clemson

Featured Technologies

Smart Manufacturing Experience features emerging technologies from eight smart manufacturing disciplines that are driving the industry forward.

Thorsten Wuest, PhD

Dr. Thorsten 'Thor' Wuest, Associate Professor at West Virginia University, focusses on Smart Manufacturing, Digital Supply Networks, AI/ML, and Product Service Systems.

Sherri McCleary

Sherri McCleary is Executive Director of Penn State's Digital Foundry at New Kensington, focused on smart manufacturing education, workforce development, and technology demonstration.

Evaluating the Investment of Automation

This session will review a method to analyze a product and the current manufacturing process to determine the best solution for improved efficiencies, with or without automation, as well as

Christine Barnhart

Christine Barnhart is the VP of Product Strategy for Verusen, a startup leading a new era of supply chain by shifting how global organizations approach their materials management strategy and

Using Vision to Scale AI/ML in Manufacturing

Adopting Smart Manufacturing as a broad practice has proven to be a challenge to many organizations due to the lack of Big Data sources for areas of their operations - especially those areas that