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Adding to Additive: How Machine Learning is Reducing Production Costs and Reshaping the 3D Printing Industry

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Since its inception, additive manufacturing has revolutionized rapid prototyping and evolved to include stronger engineering-grade composite and metallic materials, all of which have begun to disrupt the manufacturing and production environments. Today, cloud-connectivity and artificial intelligence allow machines to talk to machines — improving efficiency, production costs and accuracy. So, when these developments are brought together, what are the future possibilities?

Now, industry-leading manufacturers are bringing part precision to additive manufacturing with the help of AI. By pairing cloud-based 3D printer design and fleet management software, they can leverage a continuous feedback loop to make 3D printed parts more accurate. With an AI solution that gets smarter with every part and learns at the speed of global production, the world’s factories can become more efficient, accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of production. In this presentation, hear Tripp Burd, Application Engineering Manager for Strategic Accounts at Markforged, speak about the impact of cloud-connectivity and AI on the future of adaptive manufacturing, and how 3D printing will lead the way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Qualify which additive manufacturing processes could benefit from AI-powered continuous feedback loop to make 3D printed parts more accurate, determine business benefits (less waste, faster time to market) for manufacturers
  • Learn, through robust use cases, how manufacturers today are realizing increased uptime, yield and productivity by combining software and 3D printing
  • Determine the future scope and potential of AI-powered 3D printing, including the potential of connecting the entirety of a factory’s machines with this software
  • Tripp Burd
    Strategic Application Engineering Manager