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Additive Process and Automation Leading to Industry 4.0

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The manufacture of additive manufacturing parts is becoming very interesting for a lot of companies especially in aerospace. These parts one made via additive manufacturing then generally must be continued to be processed by such process steps as subtractive machining and finishing processes.

In this presentation we will discuss some of the options of integrating these processes. This directly leads to the integration of the processes into one hybrid manufacturing system. Focusing on how to integrate considering topics such as data exchange, intelligent control systems, hardware, materials management and traceability in an AS9001 environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • How brining together the roles of Automation and Additive Manufacturing leads to an industry 4.0 environment.
  • How to leverage single part flow vs batch production reduces cost and improves quality
  • Will be able to take the model back to their respective organization and develop plans for their own manufacturing environment.