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Advanced Manufacturing: When Machine Learning, Materials Science, and Additive Manufacturing Converge

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This presentation provides a reality check on the technology trends prevalent at manufacturing technology conferences. Defining the various technologies and buzzworthy concepts followed by current examples gives a foundation for where things stand today. Tying together the digital twin, machine learning, digitalization, generative design, and the internet of things gives a grand vision for the future and a glimpse at how far we still have to go. There are noteworthy examples to illustrate that growth in materials science and engineering, additive manufacturing, design and simulation software, and conventional manufacturing to name a few. Will hybrid manufacturing take over the CNC machine tool world? How valuable is machine learning in light of current simulation capabilities? When will materials science become the driving force behind additive manufacturing? Asking the right questions is the first step to determining how to prepare for an advanced manufacturing future, and this talk pursues the answers while minimizing the hype factor.

Learning Objectives:

  • Answer the question “how much value does machine learning really add to the technologies I use today?”
  • Describe current technology trends without feeling like he or she is adding to the hype
  • Cite at least one example where converging technologies provide efficiency, cost, or performance improvements in some way