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Augmenting Front-Line Workers with Superpowers

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People are not perfect: they make mistakes, they are sometimes inefficient. This is often caused by exhaustion, lack of knowledge, experience or appropriate information they can act upon. Furthermore, as many older workers are nearing retirement and new generations possess completely different skill sets, the knowledge and skills gap becomes more apparent and one of the key issues organizations worldwide need to tackle. Augmented and Assisted Reality technologies are uniquely positioned to help address these and many other concerns.

This session will focus on analysis of use cases where Augmented and Assisted Reality solutions, deployed in industrial environments, helped organizations improve worker safety, limit the number of human errors and improve their efficiency through providing in-context information and remote expert support to front-line workers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how Augmented and Assisted Reality help limit human errors and skill gaps.
  • Understand how various industries are leveraging AR to improve their day-to-day operations.
  • Understand which technologies (hardware and software) are best suited in today's industrial environments.
  • Pawel Pacewicz
    Business Development Manager
    Transition Technologies USA
  • Nate Taylor
    Director of Sales, North America
    Transition Technologies PSC