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Close The Training Gap: A new, flexible, skills training and validation model for 21st century manufacturing jobs

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In today’s manufacturing environment, an employer needs – perhaps above all else – critical thinking skills. Manufacturers need people who can pull from their repository of competencies and knowledge to solve a problem or initiate a smart new way of doing something, rather than merely demonstrating learned behavior from occupational training and a task validation checklist. In keeping with the growth and change in manufacturing skills needs, a new training and validation method will be discussed. The most significant change are the projects used in the training and testing process. They can now be more akin to a company’s own parts. This change is a vast improvement for employers. For instance, an aerospace subcontractor likely has extremely tight tolerance requirements in tough materials. A mold and die shop might want finishing operations to be a focus. An oil and gas manufacturer may have proprietary threading and holemaking processes. Therefore, the projects and validation requirements can now adjust for each employer’s particular needs as long as the core, nationally recognized standards are met. Before, the projects were more generic to teach and test certain skills. Mr. King will introduce the concept of Performance Measures (PMs) for the validation process. PMs translate job descriptions and competencies into practical experiences that reflect what employees will, or do, face on the job. Each PM includes six metrics, providing a method to systematically develop and implement a program to measure and track performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the current issues with a conventional training approach
  • Describe a new, more effective way to validate an employees' skills
  • Understand the requirements for undertaking this new training and validation process in their own workplace
  • Montez King
    Executive Director
    NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills)