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Cybersecurity for Manufacturers - Preparing for the Unexpected

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Secure Cyber Defense has worked with a number of manufacturing companies to address their cybersecurity needs. The core concern is that many manufacturing companies lack a consistent cybersecurity plan, an incident response plan, and an understanding of who to contact in the event of a breach. This presentation will lay out the core steps and approaches every manufacturing company should take based on the current cybersecurity threats that are being tracked in real-time. Some of the topics to cover include cybersecurity insurance, Incident Response Planning, third-party supplier protocols for data access, appropriate site restrictions (social media), and key allies to contact and have relationships should a breach occur.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the scope of cybersecurity services they should have appropriate to the size of the organization
  • Understand the proactive services and preparation steps manufacturing companies should have in place to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats
  • Understand the scope, sophistication, and magnitude of cyber threats to the manufacturing industry