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Dark Yield: Defect Rates You Don’t Know And How AI Can Help

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Manufacturing defects happen more frequently than you might think. In this presentation Instrumental CEO, Anna Shedletsky, will share aggregated proprietary data on defect rates taken from real production environments of Fortune 500s. Not only will common defect types and their impact be presented, but never-before-seen stats will be unveiled – data that will surely set the standard in quality for development and production environments for years to come. This unique information will then be contextualized in a case study where a powerful combination of visual data and AI was leveraged to remotely monitor production processes from the factory floor, catch and diagnose defects, and increase yields.

Learning Objectives:

  • List defect rates in production environments for Fortune 500s.
  • Describe AI applications for smart manufacturing.
  • Define next steps for adopting new technologies such as AI.