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Deep Learning for Quality Inspection and Classification

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In this talk, we’ll share two case studies from the manufacturing industry detailing the deployment of our product, Spyglass Visual Inspection, a real-time GPU-powered Deep Learning vision system for quality inspection. Leveraging a ResNet-based architecture, we’ve been able to dramatically improve visual inspection performance, delivering a 20-30X performance improvement over existing solutions, allowing our customers to make significant process improvements. We’ll share how our work fits into the broader context of deep learning, address the specific complexities of building, deploying, and maintaining Deep Learning based GPU systems on the edge in manufacturing environments, and detail how these process improvements drive significant ROI for manufactures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the history of deep learning technologies
  • See how other manufacturers have leveraged deep learning to improve operational excellence.
  • Understand how to determine whether deep learning visual inspection technologies are an option for their quality inspection processes.