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Empowering the Augmented Worker in a Connected Factory

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Digital transformation should not be focused on technology alone. It should focus on empowering and augmenting humans in the manufacturing environment. With “lights-out factories” failing to deliver results, it has become increasingly clear that the digital revolution is built on making humans more efficient.

This presentation makes the argument that digital technologies are most effective when they are implemented with humans in mind. Connective technologies improve data integrity, and respond to human performance in real-time. Thus, they have the potential to increase worker efficiency, dramatically reduce errors, and improve decision making in strenuous conditions. With real-life cases from manufacturers across industries and verticals, I will explain why digital strategies should always be backed by a human-centric approach and a serious consideration of shop-floor culture. The first will demonstrate how a human-centric Manufacturing Application Platform helped global electronics manufacturer improve throughput by 50%. The second will show how a medical device manufacturer eliminated mistakes in a complex picking operation.

Enhanced connectivity, especially when supported by Manufacturing Application Platforms, can empower frontline operators, manufacturing engineers, and management in equally robust ways.

Learning Objectives:

  • How you can empower manufacturing staff with technology in a digital transformation.
  • How to identify the right projects/use cases for digital technology to get the productivity gains in an Industry 4.0 setting.
  • How to build an organizational culture that supports and empowers workers with digital technologies.