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Engaging Manufacturing’s Next Generation Through Full Contact Innovation

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Manufacturers need to engage and inspire a new generation of skilled workers with the aptitude to fill open high-tech and high-paying jobs. The solution: FULL CONTACT INNOVATION. Students get hands-on STEM training by designing, building, test and repairing gladiator-style Bots. Educators teach students technical and critical thinking in a creative, competitive and rewarding format. Local manufacturers build relationships with area schools and students serving as teams' Industry Advisors creating their own workforce talent pipelines. These connections will provide manufacturers with the opportunity to influence curriculum and ensure that the next generation is ready for the modern manufacturing upon graduation. Who can't get excited about that?

Learning Objectives:

  • Create the foundation for building partnerships between industry and education in order to develop workforce talent pipelines.
  • Develop strategies on how to engage manufacturing's next generation through full contact innovation.
  • Learn about best practices that have been implemented by industry to turn mentorships into recruitment opportunities.