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Industrial IoT Implementation – Ramping From Pilot to Widespread Adoption

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The presentation will explore lessons learned from the successful global implementation of IIoT by a $US 30 billion global manufacturing company in 2019.  The company was challenged with quickly and cost effectively implementing an IIoT initiative across dozens of global plants.  They found they met their goals for implementation and the value exceeded predicted targets plus generating some unexpected ancillary benefits. The client’s subject plants had a variety of manufacturing challenges including chemical processing, discrete manufacturing, high volume packaging and more.  The initiative utilized an IIoT software platform to attain fast connectivity with disparate shop floor systems, machines and sensors and also to connect and share data with business level systems such as SAP and others.  The solution included real time manufacturing process monitoring and control using workflow automation built into the IIoT software platform.  In addition, the solution enabled data capture for later analysis and optimizing decisions. Finally, the platform was architected to enable frontline operators to use the tools to develop and refine their IIoT solution with a minimum of professional IT support, thus breaking the IT bottleneck.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key considerations in planning an IIoT rollout
  • Identify critical components of an effective IIoT governance structure for rollout and beyond
  • Clarify critical considerations for maximizing the speed and total value impact of the IIoT rollout