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Lessons Learnt in Implementing a DIY Low-Cost Smart Manufacturing Solution for a Small Manufacturer

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A minimalist, low cost suite of Smart Manufacturing solutions was implemented in Wipro Enterprises, a Small and Medium hydraulic cylinder manufacturer based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Four critical assets, namely, CNC Vertical Milling Machine, CNC Machining Center, Robotic Metal Inert Gas Welder and a Paint Booth were integrated to simple IIoT devices and an edge computer in a DIY manner for the collection and contextualization of real time data. The edge computer organized the real time data based on a standard representative formalism called “SM Profile” for each given asset (and/or asset class). The said SM profiles were derived from information models which were available in the literature for the specific assets, but were further enhanced and improved to cater to Smart Manufacturing applications. Acting as a gateway, the organized SM Profile data streams for each asset were transmitted by the edge computer to the CESMII SM Platform using standard APIs for further processing and consumption of the data streams by end user applications. Three simple to use smart manufacturing applications were made available to the end user, namely, Production Performance Improvement, Energy Performance Improvement and Asset Performance Improvement. These applications generated timely and actionable real time outcomes in a dashboard (on a tablet or a smart phone) for the SMM. This presentation shares the experience of such an implementation, and more importantly, the lessons learned during the process.