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Revolutionizing the Product Lifecycle: From Prototype to Product with Additive Manufacturing

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The additive manufacturing landscape is continuing to evolve and enable the production of new designs. However, even those who are comfortable with these state of the art technologies can struggle with transitioning concepts from prototyping to end-use products. We will dispel common myths through diving deep into an example of our work with an iconic brand over the past year to design and produce real hardware.

By discussing the new product from design concept to production, we can accomplish three things. First, learning about the design process we undertook helps inform and inspire engineers about what is possible with the new design freedoms afforded by additive manufacturing. Second, we can tangibly discuss the challenges in designing a product from the ground-up with additive in mind. Third, because we also served as the manufacturing partner, we can talk about how we designed the part with production in mind and how to overcome the typical hurdles of part approval, and how it is different than legacy technologies. All of this information, within the context of the new product, helps create a very vivid picture about what product development and manufacturing looks like in the additive world. Most importantly, by learning about the steps that were undertaken from design to production, we can inspire and teach others how to help drive more innovation and adoption in the market.

Learning Objectives:

  • Engineer their new product with advanced digital tools to create a unified part that combines several different response zones
  • Explain how this part was qualified, approved, and ultimately fulfilled as their first additively produced product on the market
  • Tie the disparate parts of the product lifecycle together, and explain the importance of taking a holistic approach