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SMMs Achieving Zero External Quality Failures via Low-Cost Smart Manufacturing Application

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Quality and Timely Delivery are two important attributes an OEM expects from a supplier. Typically, a good majority of the suppliers are SMMs. How can Smart Manufacturing empower SMMs to deliver on quality and time?  Join us to discuss this application that has been successfully implemented in about 150 Small and Medium suppliers.

The SM principle herein is establishing a digital thread between the supplier and the OEM. Using a combination of:  a) a simple edge processing hardware device (BorgConnect® Hub), b) blue-tooth connected measurement instruments (digital vernier and/or dial gauge), c) a tablet or smart phone, and e) no-code application software, the supplier is able to ensure before dispatch that every batch of production is: (a) inspected according to the OEM’s control plans (without any errors or omissions); and (b) the quality of the batch meets with the expectations of the customer. Simultaneously, the customer gets the same visibility on the quality and time of delivery of every batch instantaneously (before dispatch from the supplier’s premises, as stated earlier). This reduces the Cost of Quality for both the OEM and the supplier - for the OEM, by eliminating the need for a QC at the inward goods department of the OEM and avoiding production stoppages due to poor supplier quality, and in the case of the supplier, by providing visibility of in-process quality to rectify quality problems early and avoiding costly external failures!

A live demonstration of this use case shall be provided.