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Transforming the Workforce: Learning to Drive a New Culture

  • today
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Changing technologies demand learning. When a workforce is learning enabled, people rapidly adopt new approaches. When a workforce is learning disabled, adopting new technology is painful. This interactive session overviews three powerful steps that enable positive culture change. First: Connect people with purpose. Be certain that everyone can say with why they do, what they do. “Make money” is insufficient. “Help customers be healthy” works. Second: Communicate broadly and often. A learning culture places extraordinary value on communication. Leaders at every level must share the “who - how – what - where – when and why” with frequency. When people know the who, why and where, they are better able to contribute to the how and when. Third: Facilitate accomplishment. People want to succeed. They want to go home each day feeling they made progress. Successful leaders take positive steps to create a learning environment such as creating learning teams. This powers a transforming culture. Three real-life case studies illustrate how. Drawn from hi-tech manufacturing – legacy manufacturing – and software engineering teams, each one reveals how leaders play a pivotal role in transforming culture and creating growth.