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Your Worst Nightmare

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Your company finally received that long-anticipated order for additive manufactured parts. Those parts are processed in record time and the order is promptly fulfilled. A week later, the parts are returned ¾ rejected for not meeting the dimensional requirements outlined in the customer’s engineering drawing. The client is asking for replacement parts that meet their spec. You don’t have the measurement technology needed to understand the problem or if corrective action is even possible. Furthermore, your manufacturing team does not know how to interpret GD&T symbols on the client’s print, never mind having the right tools to verify the parts.

This nightmare scenario for an AM parts maker is more common than you think. Conforming to quality assurance regulations using additive manufacturing methods is actually more difficult when compared to subtractive processes. Generally speaking, many believe there is less need to inspect AM parts as they are created in one operation using 3D coordinate data sent directly from a computer. Actually – just the opposite is the case.

This informative session will cover the factors that complicate life for additive part makers, and help them determine how to meet the challenge of implementing a competent quality and inspection program. Not only are measurement capabilities needed to produce, inspect and supply precision parts, metrology is also vital to the profitable operation of the AM process by optimizing yield, or in other words, reducing scrap. This presentation will layout a strategic roadmap to quality assurance that enables peace of mind and prevents your worst nightmare from coming true.
  • Giles Gaskell
    Commercial Business Manager, Photogrammetry & Structured Light Systems
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence