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AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander

CRO & Co-Founder

Born in Toronto, Canada, AJ is a serial tech entrepreneur, 1st generation immigrant born of Industry 3.0 pioneers.  He began his digital journey with several global R&D/biomechanical firms, where he designed, pioneered, and implemented various IoT analytics programs (bleeding edge sabermetric technologies) to optimize human performance outputs (physical and cognitive, for MLB clients with NetWorth's in the millions.

Prior to co-founding in 2015, with a BSc in Economics, AJ held P&L responsibilities for several family-owned control system integrators (digital transformation consulting firms) providing turn-key AI automation solutions for Fortune 500 clients such as Johnson & Johnson, CSX.  Recent successes include - Authored the first zero - to - $1million+ in software revenues as a SaaS company in addition to surviving our latest economic recession and solution architected 10k+ global installs & ecosystem of channel partnerships on every continent.

AJ has 5 years experience as a Pulp & paper industry professional, has opened up satellite offices in Atlanta and Florida and is fortunate enough to be leading the most innovative collective engineering minds in the industrial enterprise software space.

AJ is passionate about removing the adoption barriers of AI, debunking cynics, and empowering frontline manufacturing hero's whose goal is to deliver real-time operational and economic value through making machines SMART.


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