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Cory Jamieson

Cory Jamieson

Research and Development Engineer – Additive Manufacturing
Penn State University
Mr. Cory Jamieson is a Research and Development Engineering with the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State. After serving ten years in the USMC in support of OEF/OIF, Mr. Jamieson attended the University of Pennsylvania where he received his B.S. degree in Applied Materials Engineering and M.S. degree in Additive Manufacturing and Design. Mr. Jamieson joined ARL in 2018 to uses his technical experience in alloy and process development for laser-based directed energy deposition (LDED) repair applications, component redesign for additive manufacturing (AM) processes, AM materials characterization and AM process qualification. Mr. Jamieson’s research focuses on optimizing powder feedstock delivery for LDED systems, improving LDED processes in support of repair and sustainment activities, Hybrid AM, automation and process monitoring. Mr. Jamieson also employs and evaluates advanced surface finishing techniques to develop finishing processes inherent with complex components produced using metal AM.


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