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Drew Suss

Drew Suss, PhD

Managing Partner
Truebridge Partners, LLC

Drew Suss, PhD is a Managing Partner for Truebridge Partners, LLC. For more than two decades Drew has been consulting and coaching business leaders from a wide array of companies in North America, Europe and Asia. His clients represent agile, fast growth companies as well as more traditional brands in biotech, manufacturing, pharma, financial services, and hospitality.

He is skilled at helping leaders identify opportunities and improve team performance. His research aimed at helping leaders and team members achieve greater effectiveness has been honored with the Award of Excellence by the International Society for Performance Improvement. His most recent work breaks ground in understanding the link between leaders and effective workplace decision-making. His most recent work is in team performance improvement in manufacturing and consulting environments. He has spoken at several international conferences, including the University of Chicago Booth School of Business symposium on innovation.


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