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Jill George

Jill George, PhD

Founder and Co-Owner

Jill George, PhD is a driven builder of highly skilled mid, senior, and executive leaders. She has spent the last three of her 30 years of experience talking to leaders on the factory floor, in board rooms, and in focus groups around the world about how advances in technology are changing leaders’ roles. She has worked tirelessly helping to use integrated solutions, such as configured assessment, courses, and dashboard analytics in the end to end high-performance work transformations and culture change projects. Ask her about her lead and lag metrics success stories in manufacturing, tech, the sales function, and women in leadership. Jill is a die-hard grower of things, be it client partnerships over many years, gardens or kids. She has a B.S., M.S., and a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has built one of a kind partnerships with The Manufacturing Leadership Council, The Women in Leadership Forum, and the Organization for Auto Suppliers. 

She has published several books on leadership and articles on the implications of future demands on leaders' roles. She would love to hear more about your objectives and discuss how to personalize your transformation’s value proposition and build your leadership bench for future success.


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