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Radu Pavel

Radu Pavel

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Tech Solve
Dr. Radu Pavel is vice president, chief technology officer and chief engineer of TechSolve, Inc. He joined TechSolve in 2004 on a position of machining/grinding research engineer. Dr. Pavel has over 25 years of mechanical and manufacturing engineering experience developed in industry, research laboratories and universities from Europe and United States. He has a master of science and a PhD in mechanical engineering, and a PhD in manufacturing engineering. He has led multiple programs focused on accelerating the adoption of digital manufacturing technologies, including implementation of research and educational programs focused on Industry 4.0 technologies and practices. Dr. Pavel is participating in the development of standards for smart manufacturing and he is actively involved in collaborations with Manufacturing U.S.A. institutes. He published in refereed conference proceedings and journals, and organized multiple panels and international symposiums. He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee of the Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) of ASME and Associate Editor of Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (JMSE) of ASME.


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