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William Sobel

Will Sobel

Chief Architect
MT Connect Institute
William Sobel is a standards cultivator, entrepreneur, and software architect. His 30+ year career has pushed boundaries and led technical innovation. In the 1990s, he architected the first distributed analytics platform for capital markets risk analytics. Following the sale of his company, he led the architecture of the first SaaS application for buy-side financial risk. After leaving finance, Mr. Sobel authored and continues as the chief architect of the MTConnect Standard, one of the first semantic IIoT standards for manufacturing. Following on the initial success of MTConnect, he co-founded VIMANA that won the Gartner Cool Vendors of the year for "Digitalization Through Industrie 4.0" in 2018, a leading platform in industrial AI. In addition, Mr. Sobel is the chair of the Architecture Working Group of the Industrial Ontologies Foundry and chair of the Model-Based Standards Development Working Group of ASME Model-Based Enterprise Standards Committee.


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