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Smart Manufacturing Hub: Why Pittsburgh Tops the List

5 Reasons why Pittsburgh is at the forefront of Smart Manufacturing

Strategic Location

Pittsburgh is the hub of Smart Manufacturing in the US; accessible to three Manufacturing USA Institutes, world-class universities, and a manufacturing-centric workforce. It is also home to one of the world leading robotics and AI networks in the USA. Pittsburgh has the perfect ecosystem for collaboration, innovation, and the development of technologies that will shape the future of manufacturing, attracting the next generation of manufacturing engineers.

Renowned Research Institutions

Pittsburgh is home to world-class research institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. With strong engineering, robotics, and AI programs, they are developing the future leaders of smart manufacturing. Researchers and students are actively engaged in developing advanced manufacturing technologies, collaborating with industry partners to bring these innovations to market.

Vibrant Workforce

Recognized as one of only five National Workforce Hubs by The White House, Pittsburgh boasts a thriving, diverse workforce with a history of manufacturing expertise. Manufacturing is part of Pittsburgh’s DNA and this manufacturing history propels the next level of innovation.

Resilient Ecosystems

Pittsburgh is home to the world’s first end-to-end additive manufacturing production campus, Neighborhood 91 at Pittsburgh’s Airport Innovation Campus, along with the Manufacturing Futures Institute at Mill 19. Combined, these two locations offer over 400 acres of advanced manufacturing expertise, connecting the supply chain into one powerful advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Industry Expertise

Pittsburgh has a history of manufacturing excellence, particularly in industries like steel production, robotics, and AI technologies. This deep-rooted industrial manufacturing expertise provides a solid foundation for discussions on Smart Manufacturing, leveraging knowledge to drive innovation and improvements in modern manufacturing processes.



Buying Power


of the nation's purchasing power is located within 500 miles of the city.


Manufacturing Hub


Skilled workforce fueling Pittsburgh's manufacturing industry.


High-Tech Powerhouse


Advanced manufacturing businesses based in the city.