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Advance Your Manufacturing Smarter and Faster

Smart Manufacturing Experience brings smart technology to you now, when the industry needs insight and ingenuity to respond to global changes. New priorities are emerging along with the need for smart technologies to drive change in the supply chain, product design and productivity. Smart Manufacturing Experience is the forum to advance your manufacturing smarter and faster.
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Technology on the Show Floor

Event Features

Smart Manufacturing Suppliers

Technology Showcase

Discover the future of manufacturing by immersing yourself in our Technology Showcase. Smart Manufacturing Experience provides an opportunity to engage with technologies that are leading the smart revolution. Discuss your challenges and find the answers that work for you.
Keynote presentation

Keynote Presentations

Don’t miss your chance to see, hear, and meet leading experts in smart manufacturing. Our thoughtful curated lineup brings together some of the most renowned names in the industry for inspiring keynote presentations.


The Smart Manufacturing Experience conference provides diverse technical sessions to choose from and each session offers a unique opportunity for smart manufacturers to meet face-to-face to find innovative solutions to their most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Disruptions Transforming Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing


Automation & Robotics




Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Data Analytics


 Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR)


Industrial IoT: Sensors to Platform


Business & Workforce Transformation

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"Manufacturing is incredibly competitive, and if you can't compete in terms of quality and productivity, you're just not going to be able to offer products at the right price and keep up with the changing world." - Rachel Lecrone, Director of Manufacturing Systems, Cummins

SMART Event and Industry News

  • Two workers with a machine at a manufacturing plant.
    January 31, 2024

    Filling the Manufacturing Skills Gap Through Local Partnerships

    The manufacturing industry is still facing a labor shortage, especially in skilled labor. Companies are attempting to use several tactics to fix this, including investing in advanced technologies and employee training. However, there are untapped resources many companies aren’t taking advantage of that can help them attract highly skilled workers.
  • Vertical lines of coding
    December 19, 2023

    Why Implement Machine Learning in Manufacturing?

    Incorporating machine learning in manufacturing helps to increase efficiency and improve production operations.
  • Three engineers working to optimize their manufacturing production process.
    November 28, 2023

    Manufacturing Optimization: Improving Production Processes

    Manufacturing optimization enables a production facility to run more efficiently. In order to remain competitive, present-day manufacturers must have a mindset of continuous improvement.

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