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Event Features

Smart Manufacturing Suppliers

Technology Showcase

Discover the future of manufacturing by immersing yourself in our Technology Showcase. Smart Manufacturing Experience provides an opportunity to engage with technologies that are leading the smart revolution. Discuss your challenges and find the answers that work for you.
Smart Manufacturing Theater Presentations

Smart Manufacturing Theater Presentations

Join us for captivating presentations at the SmartZone Theater. These sessions will delve into the latest trends, real-world business cases, and opportunities for integrating smart technologies into your operations.
Keynote presentation

Keynote Presentations

Don’t miss your chance to see, hear, and meet leading experts in smart manufacturing. Our thoughtful curated lineup brings together some of the most renowned names in the industry for inspiring keynote presentations.
Technology Hub

Tech Hub Presentations

Stay at the forefront of smart manufacturing developments with our Tech Hub Presentations. These insightful, 20-minute presentations with Q&A sessions will bring you up to speed on developments in this ever-changing field. These presentations are offered by a select group of exhibiting sponsors and are included with your event floor registration.
Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

Engage in must-attend panel discussions featuring diverse perspectives from industry experts. Explore digital transformation trends, solutions, and the insights gained from manufacturing leaders who have navigated the complexities of this evolving landscape.


Smart Manufacturing Experience offers the ideal platform to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Attendees will have the opportunity to forge valuable partnerships that drive your smart manufacturing initiatives to new heights.