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Psyonic Makes Advanced Prosthetics Accessible using Additive Manufacturing

As of 2017, almost 60 million people around the world were living with limb amputation due to traumatic causes. For patients recovering from a medical emergency, entering the new world of prosthetics can be painful. Most want a return to normality, and to do things such as driving a car, going to the gym or even just tidying around the house.

The majority of traditional prosthetics are expensive and fragile, with approximately 10% of the patients requiring an advanced prosthetic being able to afford one, according to Psyonic, the creator of the Ability Hand.

The Ability Hand is designed and manufactured in-house at Psyonic with hybrid manufacturing methods, including 3D printing, injection and silicone moulding, and CNC machines. Psyonic says that the Ability Hand is promising to restore life and mobility back to what it was for patients.

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