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The Future of Manufacturing Comes to Pittsburgh in 2020

SME and AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, will take their co-sponsored Smart Manufacturing Experience event, bringing the future of manu to Pittsburgh in 2020. Technological innovation is advancing at lightning speed, shaking up almost everything in the industrial world; the manufacturing of today will be drastically different years from now. Manufacturers across North America and in every sector and industry must be prepared to understand, invest in and adopt these emerging technologies and others, or risk being left behind by more opportunistic and forward-looking competitors.

From June 2-4, the Smart Manufacturing Experience will provide manufacturers an opportunity to engage with the most advanced smart manufacturing technologies that they can deploy quickly to boost productivity, increase sales, improve efficiency, reduce costs and keep up with increasingly sophisticated competition. New technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing present new opportunities, while changing the way manufacturers manage standard operations. The Smart Manufacturing Experience will feature everything from additive manufacturing/3D printing, cybersecurity, data analytics, robotics/AI and workforce transformation.

“Manufacturers will encounter a great number of new technologies over the next five to 10 years, so it’s important they understand which tools, equipment and processes are best suited for their organizations,” said Dirk von Gal, director of U.S. Events, SME. “The Smart Manufacturing Experience is the best place to learn more about current and future technologies that will have a huge impact on our modern manufacturing society.”

SME and AMT chose Pittsburgh to host the Smart Manufacturing Experience because of the city’s resurgence as a technology hub for manufacturing. Ranked eighth nationally for manufacturing output, Pittsburgh has emerged as a leader in innovation for American manufacturing, from within the traditional Midwestern heart of the industry. With its rich startup culture, the city is the epicenter of advanced manufacturing technologies. It’s also home to some of the best manufacturing universities, such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University, which has a branch near the city and main campus a few hours away.

“There’s an exciting transformation underway in manufacturing, fueled by advances in digital technology. We’re just at the tip of it. Manufacturers should attend the Smart Manufacturing Experience to learn about the technologies that are making an impact on their industry, workforce and customers,” said Peter Eelman, vice president and chief experience officer, AMT. “The more knowledgeable manufacturers become, the better their decision-making on how to strategically apply them for a competitive advantage.”

For Smart Manufacturing Experience 2020, SME and AMT worked with a select committee made up of experts from various manufacturing disciplines to identify the most crucial advanced technologies as well as critical processes that will have a significant impact on the manufacturing industry in the future.

“Smart manufacturing has a major influence on the industrial sector, improving everything from operating efficiency, product quality and workforce competencies,” said Rachel Lecrone, director of manufacturing IT and industrial controls at Cummins Inc., and co-chair of the Smart Manufacturing Experience Executive Committee. “Manufacturing is an incredibly competitive industry. We must educate U.S. manufacturers, so they have everything in their arsenal to move past any barriers and unlock their full potential for ongoing growth.”