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Andy Joseph

Andy Joseph develops and markets products for the assembly and test market using an approach that combines customer focus, engineering, software development, user experience design, and modern

Radu Pavel

Dr. Radu Pavel is vice president, chief technology officer and chief engineer of TechSolve, Inc.

Bill Bigot

William E. Bigot is the senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ascent Aerospace and is based in Macomb, Michigan.

Tony Papke

Tony Papke is the Director of Business Development for MxD. In his role, Tony develops and drives partner engagement through business development initiatives, aligning prospective partners with

John Butler

John Butler joined Arconic’s predecessor, Alcoa, more than 25 years ago and currently serves as Arconic’s Vice President, Technology & Engineering.

Digital Experience Profile

Smart Manufacturing Experience is going hybrid! To help exhibitors participate in our comprehensive virtual platform we’re providing a complimentary exhibitor digital profile, which will be