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Subhash Shanmugasundaram

U3BlYWtlcihFdmVudF8xNzI3MTE4LEV2ZW50UGVvcGxlXzMwOTM1NDgwLFVzZXJfMTk2NzQ5NjUp Subhash Shanmugasundaram Subhash

The Automation Imperative

UGxhbm5pbmdfMTk2ODUyMw== The Automation Imperative The Automation Imperative SMX Session: In this session, The Automation Imperative, Jon will present an overview of the current state of

Jon Star

U3BlYWtlcihFdmVudF8xNzI3MTE4LEV2ZW50UGVvcGxlXzMxMDIwNzkyLFVzZXJfMTQ2NzgxNjcp Jon Star Jon Star Jon Star Director of

Julie Gulick

U3BlYWtlcihFdmVudF8xNzI3MTE4LEV2ZW50UGVvcGxlXzMwOTgxMTg0LFVzZXJfMTk2MDkxNTMp Julie Gulick Julie Gulick Julie Gulick

Joe Barr

U3BlYWtlcihFdmVudF8xNzI3MTE4LEV2ZW50UGVvcGxlXzMwODM3MDgzLFVzZXJfMTk2MTM5OTQp Joe Barr Joe Barr Joe Barr Plant