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Mobile in Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is becoming the main driving factor in business operations. This fourth wave of manufacturing is taking over and is actively requiring manufacturers to rethink their daily operations. A main trend within this ever-evolving world is the support of mobile in manufacturing. Adopting new technologies is the heart of this fourth wave, and while mobile technology isn’t new, it’s endorsement in the world of manufacturing is.

Smart factories and bleeding edge companies are actively establishing new guidelines on efficiency and collaboration in the wake of COVID-19. With new safety regulations and social distancing commonplace, using mobile in manufacturing is becoming essential. In 2020, 24% of manufacturers implemented digital transformation programs beyond pilot stages and this number will only continue to rise.

So… why mobile in manufacturing?

Streamlined Productivity

Quick and accurate access to on-going projects can help optimize resources and streamline productivity. Having real-time responsiveness enables efficiency. Operations managers using mobile devices to track procedures now have complete visibility into every aspect of the supply chain and manufacturing process. Redundancies can be found more quickly and resolved.

Unparalleled Access

Mobile devices, mobile apps, and on hand IoT devices provide access to real-time data and analytics. Using manufacturing execution systems to track and record information provides the opportunity to make quick decisions and up-to-date analysis. Having real-time production updates as well can notify staff of any supply line errors, machine breakdowns, and even track machine data for predictive maintenance overall reducing production disruptions.

Quality Control

With the increased usage of mobile sensors, continuous production is becoming more efficient with a higher level of quality. Machine level compliance creates quality compliance. Mobile usage in manufacturing plants makes it incredibly easy for management to track real-time quality of workflow, employee and machine performance, progress on vehicles, progress on order fulfilment, and more.

With the evolutionary invention of 5G – the future is mobile.

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