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The Smart Factory 2033

“We’ve experienced 20 years of evolution in two years,” states Rockwell Automation’s CEO, Blake Moret. His statement is telling and illustrates the seismic shifts across the manufacturing sector. According to the company’s latest report, 97% of participants have plans to use smart manufacturing technology, with over 50% more manufacturers using machine learning and artificial intelligence compared to last year.

“Manufacturers are continuing to seek opportunities for profitable growth but are realizing that uncertainty in workforce availability is impacting quality, along with their ability to meet evolving customer needs,” said Veena Lakkundi, senior vice president, Strategy and Corporate Development Rockwell Automation. “The survey found that smart manufacturing technology is enabling manufacturers of all sizes to optimize more resilient, agile, and sustainable solutions that accelerate transformation. If we’ve learned anything from history, organizations that invest in innovation, with a bias for action, during times of uncertainty can outpace competitors.”

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