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How AR and IIoT Are Transforming Manufacturing

Today’s industrial workers are able to see and do things that would have been impossible just a decade ago. Augmented reality (AR), an innovative digital technology, is both enhancing what people

Penn State University Digital Foundry Tour

Penn State University’s Digital Foundry, located in the heart of New Kensington, Pennsylvania, serves as a dynamic innovation and manufacturing hub. Its primary objective is to foster economic

Women of SMART Experience

Women of SMART Experience Women of SMART Experience Why Attend? Agenda Sponsorship Opportunities Advancing Women in Manufacturing: Leadership, Networking, and Community Impact today June 4, 2024

Why Attend?

Develop and refine essential leadership skills tailored to the demands of Smart manufacturing.


Get up-to-speed on advanced technologies, product launches, and industry innovations surrounding Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, AI, cybersecurity, data collection and analytics, additive

Leveraging a Digital Lean Approach

Digital transformation is top of mind for many manufacturing companies, but to achieve results manufacturers should begin their transformation with a digital lean approach.