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Paul Oldroyd

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMzAxMjI3OTY= Paul Oldroyd Paul Oldroyd Paul Oldroyd Technical Fellow, Manufacturing &

Grace McCubbin

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk2MzkxNjA= Grace McCubbin Grace McCubbin Grace McCubbin Chief Executive Officer Darmok Designs

Technology Showcase Reception

UGxhbm5pbmdfMTg5NjE4Mg== Technology Showcase Reception Technology Showcase Reception SMX Session: Sponsored by: CADDi Technology Showcase Reception is the smart manufacturing gathering space.

Nick Christie

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk5Mzg5ODY= Nick Christie Nick Christie Nick Christie Vice President of Operations TEK-Industrial

Where To Go When Success is Not Enough

UGxhbm5pbmdfMTkyMTkzMw== Where To Go When Success is Not Enough Where To Go When Success is Not Enough SMX Session: Separate Registration Required. Join us for a transformative workshop tailored

Sherri McCleary

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk2NDM0Mjk= Sherri McCleary Sherri McCleary Sherri McCleary Executive Director Penn State /

Jay Douglass

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk0ODkzMjk= Jay Douglass Jay Douglass Jay Douglass Chief Operating Officer Advanced Robotics for

Lisa Masciantonio

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk3NzUzNDk= Lisa Masciantonio Lisa Masciantonio Lisa Masciantonio Chief Workforce Officer Advanced

Steve Wray

RXZlbnRQZW9wbGVfMjk4NzMwODE= Steve Wray Steve Wray Steve Wray Executive Director of the Block Center for