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Accelerating Engineering and Procurement; The CAD Fallacy

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Please join us for the "Accelerating Engineering and Procurement: Debunking the CAD Fallacy," Tech Hub presentation where we delve into the challenge that significantly slows down engineers: accessing institutional knowledge. Discover how old drawings, models, and the quest for previously designed solutions bog down the engineering process. We’ll explore the importance of design and engineering process data, examining what succeeds, what doesn’t, and why, from materials and tolerances to oiling ports and interacting surface finishes. Learn the insights gained from Value Engineering, data on part performance, and the impact of return and warranty issues. Understand how disparate systems like CAD, PDM, and file storage, not built with synergy or organizational optimization in mind, contribute to inefficiencies. Whether it’s battling against the addition of unnecessary parts or optimizing design for performance, this webinar promises to enlighten and guide towards streamlined engineering and procurement processes.