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Manufacturing Readiness & The Digital Adoption Demystification

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Sponsored by: CESMII

We live in an ever-changing environment, especially in manufacturing. As companies try to maintain competitiveness by adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, improving customer and worker satisfaction IS the reality. These new technologies are creating a shift in job roles, and what your parents or grandparents knew of manufacturing is far in the past. Small and medium-sized manufacturers are at risk if they do not adopt these technologies from a process and people perspective.

How SMEs engage in adopting digital technologies is critical to our survival. We cannot be the ones left behind waving to the competition as they pass us by. I will share my family business’s journey through advancing our organization and our people, and how we’ve become successful in staying in the race and coming out ahead.
  • Joe Barr
    Plant Manager
    Mursix Corporation