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Jay Korpi

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Jay Korpi

Jay Korpi

Principal Cybersecurity Specialist
NextLink Labs
Jay Korpi, a 21-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a distinguished subject matter expert in social engineering, human intelligence (HUMINT) operations, and red team coordination, has taken his expertise and developed training for employees of many different companies, including Fortune 50 companies in the subjects of DevSecOps and Cybersecurity. At NextLink Labs, Mr. Korpi holds the position of Principal Specialist. He leverages his profound understanding of physical intrusion, assessments, and HUMINT operations to conduct thorough social engineering attack vector analyses and develop cutting-edge attack methodologies. His experience in red team coordination and physical security is instrumental in guiding organizations toward robust cybersecurity postures. During his tenure in the Air Force, Mr. Korpi was instrumental in handling and protecting HIPAA-sensitive data, negotiating and securing vital government contracts, and ensuring cross-agency compliance with federal regulations. His leadership in coordinating federal teams and overseeing medical practitioners set a high standard for compliance and operational excellence. Transitioning from military to civilian roles, Mr. Korpi served as the Principal Cybersecurity Expert at a leading technical consulting firm. There, he applied his extensive government contract experience to manage cybersecurity initiatives for one of the United States' largest municipalities. His responsibilities encompassed resource coordination, interconnection agreement negotiations, and compliance assurance. In his current role at NextLink Labs, Mr. Korpi's responsibilities have further evolved. Recognizing the critical need for advanced cybersecurity training in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, he has dedicated himself to educating and training the workforce of many different companies, including Fortune 50 companies in DevSecOps and Cybersecurity. His approach combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge, ensuring that these organizations are not only protected against current threats but are also well-prepared for future challenges. Mr. Korpi's commitment to excellence in cybersecurity and his hands-on approach in training and mentorship continues to make significant impacts in the field, bridging the gap between military-grade security protocols and corporate cybersecurity needs.


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