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Søren Elmer Kristensen

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Søren Elmer Kristensen

Søren Elmer Kristensen

Chief Executive Officer
Odense Robotics
Soren Elmer Kristensen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Odense Robotics, Denmark's national cluster for robot, automation, and drone companies. With a profound commitment to advancing Denmark's status as a leading hub for robotics, automation, and drones, Soren leads the organization with vision and expertise. Under Soren's leadership, Odense Robotics aspires to propel Denmark into a globally recognized robotics powerhouse, unlocking the full potential of the field across all regions and business scales, from emerging robot startups in Copenhagen to large automation enterprises in Jutland. Soren brings to the role a wealth of experience and a distinctive combination of technical prowess and strategic acumen. His career has been defined by a consistent thread of driving innovation, fostering novel approaches, and, crucially, cultivating strategic partnerships. Prior to his current position as CEO, Soren served as Project Director at Odense Robotics, overseeing key initiatives aimed at accelerating innovation and sustainable development within the robotics and automation industry Before joining Odense Robotics, Soren held a prominent role as the Head of TEK Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering. University of Southern Denmark, where he contributed significantly to the academic and technological landscape Soren's journey in the field of robotics began during his master's studies at the University of Copenhagen and The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, reflecting his enduring dedication to technological advancements With a remarkable track record of thought leadership and an unwavering commitment to progress, Soren Elmer Kristensen is instrumental in shaping Denmark's future as a global leader in robotics and automation. His ability to turn vision into reality, foster innovation, and build strategic alliances makes him a driving force in the industry.


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