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An Easy Way to Start Recording Manufacturing Data and Begin a Smart Manufacturing Journey

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The presentation will give a practical strategy to making first steps in recording manufacturing data. By permanently marking a unique ID to components which are to be monitored, manufacturers can immediately begin to record data about the production of those components. No sophisticated expensive software, MES or SAP systems are required. Associating data with specific components means that bottlenecks, production errors, quality escapes or productivity improvements can be traced back through the production process and forward through the lifecycle.

Product recalls are more efficient. Manufacturing processes can be analyzed to find efficiency savings. Processes can be monitored for degradation or changes in performance.

The unique ID can also be used for process control, ensuring that components pass through processes in the correct order.

The presentation will give a case study of what a simple implementation looks like for a manufacturer not currently recording manufacturing data.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to introduce a simple system for recording data about components during manufacture
  • Make a business case for recording manufacturing data
  • Asses the correct level of data capture for their manufacturing processes