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Culture 4.0 : How to Help Your Team Understand the Change

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The Culture 4.0 presentation will focus on the change of paradigm that a company has to experience before, during and after the digital transformation.

The first step, that needs to be addressed during the needs definition, is to assess my current workforce, how do they perceive this change, do they have skills that can be useful for this change? are they aware of the reasons for this change? do they feel threatened by this digital transformation.

The second step, is during the implementation, is my technology provider going to seamlessly integrate my company's culture specificities, is my team going to receive trainings? Which kind of training?

The third step, is how to monitor this culture shift, how my team is reacting to this change, is there any insight I can get from them?

Because most of the digital transformation is supposed to create a virtuous cycle within the team where they will be able to see and propose new ideas to optimize the integration of this new technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define a clear transformation path for his team when he will decide to integrate a new technology.
  • Ensure a smooth, seamless and efficient digital transformation
  • Identify the key assets they already have within his team that will lead his transformation