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How a Python, an iPad, and an Industrial Printer Helped to Automate Production on a Concrete Manufacturer's Shop Floor

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A small IT department from a Pittsburgh based architectural concrete manufacturer adapts their perspectives, technology, and awareness of automation. Their change is occurring over time, but the catalyst was a time-study at a bottlenecked operation that inspired the team to act. Using a constrained set of tools and resources, learn how they are adjusting the infrastructure, their employees, and the machines on the shop floor to utilize automation.

The presentation topics:


1) The genesis of the business problem and its solution - time-study at a bottleneck operation.

2) Automating the Hard Stuff - What does the ERP do now and what do we need from it later?

3) Pathway forward - how to iterate and adapt the solution with limited resources.

4) Hardware and Software - what was incremented along the path, why industrial printers?

5) iPads and Apps - how to make existing technology more dynamic without disrupting the business.

6) The Build - Identifying and hiring a development team to build applications (Xcode, Java).

7) Integrations - Hooking the application into the ERP with Python.

8) Testing and Deployment - getting the app to the shop floor.

9) Analysis and Metrics - what are the results and gains?

10) Conclusion - Next Steps and Adaptations