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The Augmented Worker: Using AI to Intelligently Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

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The growing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, combined with a tight labor market, is creating increased challenges for industrial companies of all sizes. More than 2.6 million baby boomers are going to retire over the next several years and are taking with them decades of experience and skills. Additionally, shifting skill sets and a decreasing number of workers entering the sector could leave hundreds of thousands of jobs unfilled due to a lack of trained workers.

Facing this hiring challenge, manufacturers are turning to emerging digital technologies to equip and train their workforces with the tools and knowledge needed to be productive. Technologies such as mobile and wearable devices, augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), as well as artificial intelligence (AI) are helping to connect a new generation of workers, and are allowing organizations to proactively deliver the right level of support and guidance. One of the most notable examples of technology adoption is using artificial intelligence to augment human activity in manufacturing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover technologies that are helping a new generation of workers
  • Adopting new technology to help human activity and manufacturing
  • Learn several unique approaches using artificial intelligence (AI) that are being adopted by manufacturing companies to help close the skills gap and empower their workforces to perform at their best