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The Influence of Makerspace Environments on the Development of the Workforce

As technology is continually advancing, it is necessary for companies to keep up with innovative and disruptive trends. Not only to evolve their company, but more importantly their workforce. The implementation of a makerspace environment will allow for the cross-disciplinary employees to interact where they might not have otherwise. This is due to divisional departments in the workspace. Allowing employees the ability to experience new disruptive technologies and network/connect with their coworkers can lead to new opportunities. This can be achieved through collaboration in a safe space, allowing managers and employees to foster innovation, and exchange ideas in an environment that would normally not be possible. These types of interactions can lead to companies being able to refine processes, generate new ideas, evolve their workforce capabilities, and provide the foundations for the implementation of emerging/disruptive technologies. This type of environment is an investment in both the employees and the sustainability of the company. This presentation will cover the cultural aspects of makerspace environments catered to various industries, the ability for these spaces to evolve company structures with technology in mind, and evaluate the impact of creating a safe space to give every employee the opportunity to voice ideas and share/develop with coworkers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the role a makerspace environment can play in a company and how it can foster growth and innovation
  • Fostering the exchange of ideas, education, and implementation of emerging/disruptive technologies
  • Expanding views on company culture and evolving the culture through technology