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The Relationship Between AI and Machine Monitoring

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Manufacturing as a whole struggles with modernizing effectively in the face of antiquated and ingrained cultural traditions. When you’re producing physical parts, often times the metric is your tangible end product. As long as the end product looks good and sells, you sometimes don’t want to bother with the rest of the process. This makes it hard to drive change and modernization. The industry is slowly working through these problems though, and as time goes on, adoption of AI and machine monitoring will only become greater. Join this presentation to learn what the growing excitement surrounding AI and machine monitoring may mean for your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how far along the manufacturing industry is as a whole when it comes to taking advantage of AI, for machine monitoring and/or other applications
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of machine monitoring in manufacturing
  • Understand how to take advantage of AI, machine monitoring and big data and what the potential downsides are
  • Lou Zhang
    Chief Data Scientist