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Why Robots are the Manufacturing Job Creator

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Much is written about how the blitz of industrial robots will cost millions of current factory workers their jobs. Some predict that entire classes of workers will be forced out of manufacturing jobs and become permanently unemployed. As technology developments accelerate and robots become more efficient and cheaper, the risk to workers is intensified. But while it’s true some jobs will be eliminated, that’s not the complete story. Some jobs will change for the better and new ones will be created.

Brendan O’Dowd, general manager of Analog Devices’ Automation Energy Group, will discuss how today’s industrial robots are actually helping to create manufacturing jobs that provide more fulfilling and challenging work. And although rapid change is certainly coming in the manufacturing world, the future is bright for workers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insights into how to manage automation transitions
  • Learn how newer robotics applications can help create work
  • Understand how technology can make industrial jobs safer and more pleasant